3 Reasons to Consider Choosing a Reliable Veterinarian for Your Pet

As a pet parent, your primary concern should be ensuring your pet always gets excellent health care. You can achieve this by choosing a competent and reliable veterinarian for them. It might be challenging to assess all the vets close to you, but the outcome is worth the trouble. Here are some ways you can gain from choosing a competent vet close to you.  They Have Proper Training and Experience

Dog Care: Myocardial Tumours Explained

A myocardial tumour is a type of heart tumour that is most commonly found in older dogs. This type of tumour can be benign or malignant, and it's not yet understood why some dogs develop a myocardial tumour. Any breed of dog can develop this condition, but larger breeds, such as Labradors and German Shepherds, seem to be at an increased risk. Symptoms Of A Myocardial Tumour Common symptoms of a myocardial tumour include heart murmurs, heart rhythm abnormalities, lethargy, weakness, laboured breathing and loss of appetite.

Vet Care: 5 Health Issues That Can Affect Older Dogs

As your dog begins to age, it can become susceptible to various health issues. Like humans, older dogs need extra care and attention to stay healthy. This article explores some common health problems that affect older dogs and provide tips on how to help keep them healthy. Read on to discover more! Arthritis Arthritis is something that affects older dogs. Arthritis results in pain and stiffness in the joints and can make it difficult for your dog to move around.