Why Has Your Feline Friend Lost Their Appetite?

Cats gave garnered a reputation of being choosy, more so when it comes to their food. As a result, some pet owners do not bat an eye when their feline overlooks their food bowl during meals. But a balanced diet is crucial for the health of your cat. So it is your responsibility to ensure that despite these finicky behaviours, your cat is still ingesting food from time to time so that they can receive the nutrition they need.

Cat Care: Understanding The Symptoms And Treatment For Antifreeze Poisoning

You may not think your cat would show much interest in antifreeze, but cats actually tend to enjoy the taste of it. It's thought that antifreeze tastes sweet to them, but the active ingredient in antifreeze, ethylene glycol, is actually poisonous to cats. It's easy for a little antifreeze to spill when topping up a car's reservoir tank, so you need to be vigilant during the colder months. Check regularly for spills around cars in your street, and consider making your neighbours aware of how dangerous antifreeze is for cats.